Sunday, 21 December 2008

Winter Solstice...Tong Yuen time.

Time move fast. Coz Winter Solstice is here, where glutonuous rice balls are made and added with gula melaka or just plain to observed the arrival of winter according to the Chinese custom. It also means everyone is going to be one year older according to the Chinese calender! These tong yuen are then boiled and left to simmer in a pot of syrupy soup/water with pandan leaves, often, gingers are added for the extra kick and therapeutic properties as well. Chloe and Suetch busied themselves with the flour used for these rice balls. Also, food colorings, usually representing some auspicious meanings, are added to make a rather colorful combination of rice balls. Esther made a rather great looking miniaturised "naked plump woman" for Chloe and Suetch but one of the miniature's breast was plucked off by them. I tried to make an image of a turtle for both but it turned out more to be like Oogie Woogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas than anything else!

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