Sunday, 21 December 2008

Denim ~ What's next?

I ponder "So what's next for me" to sort of "close" my obsession with denims? Let's see...the most important thing is to take a break and allow my exhausted resources to resume to normal level...that's one. Two, I missed out Evisu No. 0 Lot # 2001 offering at their webstore as it was sold out faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail and I am extremely annoyed for losing this sort of opportunity (the last and only No.0 denim was issued waaaaayyy back in 1999, it had since became sort of a myth). So, maybe to wait another 10 years before another pair...what about LVC 501XX 1917 which came highly recommended? Hhhmmm...or a pair of Lee x Real McCoy collab 101? Possibly. Always curious about Lee jean. Denime 20th annivesary? Sold out. Pure Blue Japan ai-001? Too plain (where have all the arcuates gone to???) 45 rpm Jomon? Too Bohemianly expensive! Fullcount 0105 1953 cut? Hhhmmm...maybe. Flatheads? 3005XX 50s cut seemed nice...Warehouse Duckdigger Treasure The Secret? Warehouse always stick to the original idea for repro vintage...not sure. Sugarcane 40500-ai?...maybe I will really take a break. All these denims and no tops to match. LVC announced for 2009 of a slew of releases of past decades related off white t-shirt to match the jeans...maybe I would start that. Or get that Type 1 jacket from Evisu...come to think of it, the hottest upstart right now would be Ooe Yofukuten & Co. Based on the current attentions they are enjoying, I reckoned it would be a matter of time before they go overground. Their main strength it seemed, is they would "tailor-make" your own specified design, provided they have the material for it...maybe this is next one I would get, we shall see.

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