Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ah Lek Chee Cheong Fun.

Without fail, I always line up for a pack or two of Ah Lek's Chee Cheong Fun, Teluk Intan style. The place curiously open from 6pm till 5am in the morning only, with customers coming in from all over the places to savor this delicious meal, even in the middle of the night. I could see the chee cheong fun making process from the outside. The only complain is that a pack of these has sky rocketed alot, and mom kept telling me not to buy it anymore...but once or twice a year is alright I reckon. Located in some dark corners of the town, the chee cheong fun is freshly made for take aways only. The difference between this version and the other favourite version of mine, the Penang, prawn paste ladden type, is that this Teluk Intan style are thinner, wrap around some fried garlic (I think) and dry shrimps to go with some green chilies. Nice~~~~!

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