Friday, 30 January 2009

CNY 09 pt. 1

We began our trip back to Teluk Intan on Saturday morning, at about 6.30am. Esther was pretty anxious about the notorious CNY exodus traffic jam along the North South PLUS Highway, so we try to make it as early as possible (mom and pop actually left at 4am on the same day!). Her anxiety was unfounded as the traffic was pretty much clear and smooth flowing (unlike the last 2 years), only traffic built up was somewhere near Bidor interchange. The weather is cool and was quite misty at certain stretch. We stopped by the usual place for the delicious khon lou mein with fish balls, beef tendons and fried toh foo but the place was closed for CNY, but we found an alternative further down the road in Bidor town itself which is pretty much alright.

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