Friday, 23 January 2009

Indigo gears

With all the denims in hand, matching gears to bottom :
a) Converse sneakers ~ Jack Purcell black in leather + Chuck Taylor in off white hi cut. Originally I searched hi and lo for the Kurt Cobain JP distressed leather version until I came to my senses that it is just a marketing ploy and it goes against the spirit of punk/DIY...I think.
b) Evisu black double prong thick leather garrison belt ~ I think it is called Doukojin Belt (ど根性ベルト) (ブラック)whatever that means...originally I wanted red but they ran out of stock at that time so I settled for black instead.
c) Unknown matt black spec frame.
d) Casio G-Shock, not shiok ~ Model GW-5625AJ-1JF as part of their 25th Anniversary JDM release only but alas it is made in it from Yahoo! Auction. Been wanted to get a 5625 model cos I couldn't afford it when I was a I am an old kid, get only lar...
e) Redmoon ~ long wallet in black calf leather model BM-02C "Brassman" with solid brass chain and hook.
f) Red Wing ~ Model 2902 lace to toe monkey boots with Vibram sole with hand made, oiled upper calf leather in burgundy. Got this locally at the only RW shop in this country which is located at Pertama Complex...been wanting a RW since I saw one back in the 90s, didn't realise its popularity (then was DM's golden age) and heritage value, actually wanted model 877 with the classic creamy colour crepe sole but no sizes, so I settled for this model which is also in my radar for a time.

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matwat (trinket) said...

Those glasses are nice. What are they?