Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ooe Yofukuten & Co. Jeans.

Finally, the jean and logger pant pre-ordered from Ooe arrived today, much to Esther's chagrin about my continuing obsession with denim...Ryo and Hiro have been very helpful and communicative. These are hand made by themselves. They have a website and are incredibly helpful and communicative. This is a first for me whereby I actually get to communicate with the pros who make the denim. What they offered are a chance to specify the denim and its spec (down right to the stitches, buttons, rivets). They made only small precious quantities a day at a time. They reminded me of the time back in mid 80s when the infamous carrot pants were all the rage with teenagers and young adults here in this country. I would pester mom to bring me to a tailor to spec the type of fabric, cut and so forth for show off during CNY.
The type of denim I requested for is un-sanforized denim, pink selvedge lot #4101XX. I specified a 01 cut/model (a 47 to mid 50 type) with fabric #41, which is the heaviest denim they have thus far, at 14.5oz. Comes with the red tag, Tailor on the front and RHR on the back. Also, off center back loop ala 55 type, with Union Made top front button and black powder coated donuts for the rest. The rivets are Universal although I was hoping they have Scovil (pre-Evis Labour days type). I requested them to add a crotch rivet too. I noticed that the back pocket rivets are non-Universal and I also forgot to ask if I could add a particular inner label I observed on their website recently. The chainstiching is also kinda thin...but I am nit-picking. Overall for the price, built, and with distinctive touch from the two denim sifus, it is incredibly rare out there for a brand that provided services such as this. I am definitely looking to order more from them in near future.
Also took the opportunity to order a logger pant 1850s cut from them, model #2005 (fabric #20 ~ heavy cotton duck with cut/model 05 ~ cinch back buckle, single back pocket, high watch pocket, suspender buttons, crushed flathead rivets). This is my first cotton doek pant, which is akin to canvas. Hhmm, I wonder if my legs can stand from the punishing heat whilst wearing them..I am also taking this opportunity to "know" more about logger pant made from canvas, cotton doek.
Esther remarked that I looked like a farmer in one of these...paying so much to look like someone working on a farm or construction yard...that's the idea right? Harking back to the eras when life is less complicated and where hard work is virtue.
Best of all, Ryo and Hiro, signed on these pairs...maybe one day when they are big like the Osaka 5, I can hawk these to other denim otakus over eBay (insert evil laugh) to finance my 2 precious education (insert more evil laugh). The package also comes with a nice little envelope containing a "ticket" and 2 samples of the fabrics.

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