Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day 09.

Hhmmm....the day to celebrate all things lovey and dovey are here again...more monies to the flower boutiques, highly likely some silly dolts with an over the top declaration of love (or act of love) awaiting to be published in the local press tomorrow (or billboard over one of the highways), waiting in line to get tables at one of those hip restaurants, opening up a severely bank savings busting bottle of some un-pronounceble champaign because it is from a vintage year and it was listed top 10 in one of the hundreds of hip gourmet publications...had some exotic concoction of a meal, which were usually could not be properly pronounced as well...renewal of vows to each other...those were the pre-children years...overall still enjoy Valentine but in a different way and different view. Over the years, some of these ideas did cross my mind to make it the ultimate declaration of love, among them are...
a) blood exchange transfusion...made popular by Beverly Hills 90210, I think...the girl backed down the last minute. Which in retrospective, a very logical move by her...thank you!
b) slash our palms and cupped it close together for the night...inspired by Natural Born Killer. Would not work coz, I am afraid of blood and bee, it would drip all over my freshly polished DM (those were the grunge years..). I backed down the last minute. Which in retrospective, a very logical move by me...thank me!
c) initiated a emotional fight with girl and then on the VDay, burst into her house living room declaring "You Complete ME!"...would not work either coz it is too logistically, mentally and emotionally-bending complicated. Its just too risky...I ain't Tom Cruise/Jerry McGuire.

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