Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Day 09 - part 2.

Went to Subang Parade with Esther, Chloe and Dylan for an impromptu Valentine Day's celebration of sort. Initially wanted to go to Friday's but the price more or less doubled up with pre-selected menu, so we decided to drop by Manhattan's Fish Market instead. Having to handle 2 precious without a maid to tag along at this stage can be quite challenging...Dylan kept movin about, excited by the surrounding whilst Chloe kept pestering Esther to lift her up and bring her to walk about around the restaurant...but it was nevertheless an interesting challenge, eventually, all parents have to deal with this sort of stuff sooner. Also, noticed that the restaurant was filled with families like us as well. More importantly, Esther and I really enjoyed ourselves, I guess the kids too...Wanted to get the replacement pitcher plants from Fauzi but he did not operate his stall on that day. Instead, got vol. 2 to 4 of the Gloden Oldies series, of which some songs contained to Vol.1 are being repeated throughout...what a waste of money.

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