Friday, 27 March 2009

Chloe 1st Birthday!

Photos from Chloe's first birthday last year. We celebrated it in grand style, true to the tradition which mom said we must follow. We set up a buffet and invited no less than 50 guests to our house. Esther bought her a special dress for the ocassion and also ordered a home made special cake for her. I made a best I could paper cutting of her name and stick it on the ceiling. Hard work...Prior to that, as per tradition, I am not sure from where or source, we gave Chloe her very first chicken drumstick which she tried to bite but to large for her and eventually gave up hehe..we sliced it for her later I think. Mom also held a special prayer ceremony for her in the morning. Chloe looks so cute and plump-ish.

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