Thursday, 26 March 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe!

Today Chloe turns 2 years old. Very fast. Mom prepared Lam Mee (Hokkien style) for her. I bought her a present from Toys R Us which is a replica of a kitchen with all the utensils, since she has been asking for a cooking set for quite a while. Esther bought her the same thingie but on smaller scale from Jusco. When asked whether she likes it, she beamed, smiled and say an assuring yes. We invited Suetch and Sasa to join in today with the rest as well for a small scale dinner. I bought a bucket of KFC, and Kuan's mom chipped in with some delicious satays. Chloe isn't feeling well since yesterday, down with fever and her throat is pretty red. I brought her to the Dr. Kwek and he prescribed her some fever, antibiotic and a couple of sweet tablets for the throat. Earlier this morning I went to this cupcake specialty store called A Taste Boutique to collect her cake, which is in the form of 20 cupcakes with icing figurines. The icing on top of the cupcake is a tad too sweet, but the cake is nice. Whilst taking photos, Chloe cried after seeing Kuan's girlfriend whom he brought to introduce to us first time today. She only settled down after much persuasion. Mom mentioned that Chloe may be having fever because of her birthday and adviced us not too mention loudly in front of her, something which gotta do with tradition and superstitious belief. Well, anything to make her well, I tried not to say it too obvious in front of her.

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