Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Tortoises.

Took a Herculean effort to purposely go on a day trip up North today to collect these two tortoises. Left shows a Geochelone Radiata, about two and a half inch long. In terms of carapace "beauty", this is not the best representation of the species as I have seen in some examples which are truly amazing in its natural strips and marks ie the so-called "super high yellow" and "high yellow" speciments. Of course this would mean that the price, even for a baby of this size, would be very exorbitant. I particularly like the high dome shape of its shell. The main objective of this trip however is not the radiated tortoise but the one on the right. Also from the island of Madagascar, it is a particularly rare tortoise but the main purpose of purchase is not because of its rarity but rather its uniqueness. It has a ploughlike gular scute from its plastron. It is also high dome, another characteristics I look for. This particular speciment has been languishing in the care of the previous owner, resulting in a rather weak outlook. It seems stress as it is very young, about just tad meeting two inches in length. I suspected it also has a slight symptom of shell softness and observes a imbalance in the height of its shell, which means extra attention has to give this one to nurse it back to full strength ie adequate natural sunlight and diet. I am hoping to achieve the same level of "success" as I have done for Leo, if not more. I haven't thought of names to give these two yet, maybe over the next couple of weeks.

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