Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Stone Roses.

I don't need to sell my soul
He's already in me
~ I Wanna Be Adored

Have you seen her have you heard
The way she plays there are no words
To describe the way I feel
~ She Bangs The Drums

These boots were made for walking
The marquis de sade don’t wear no boots like these
Gold’s just around the corner
Breakdown’s coming up round the bend
Sometimes you have to try to get along dear
I know the truth and I know what you’re thinking
~ Fool's Gold

I am the resurrection and I am the life
I couldn't ever bring myself
To hate you as I'd like
~ I Am The Resurrection

Adidas gear ladden King Monkey and his now defunct group...astonishing and fulfilling.Their un-edited, in full length version of "Fool's Gold" ranks up there beside New Order's original version of "Blue Monday" as perhaps one of the most musically exciting rock/dance infused song ever.

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