Saturday, 25 April 2009


And finally, Tricky, whose sampling of Public Enemy's Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos is one of the best re-interpretation I have heard of that classic hit. After leaving Massive Attack, and with co-vocalist Martina Topley Bird, Tricky came up with debut Maxinquaye (1995, after his late mother's name). It sounds abit different from Portishead and Massive Attack, covering even greater grounds in term of fusing the elements of hip hop, jazz, soul and even electronica and classic rock. Tricky is noted for his singing speaking style aka Sprechgesang. The debut is also memorable for its "twin lyrics" with Massive Attack's second album Protection which are "Overcome" and "Hell is 'Round the Corner" on Maxinquaye and "Karmacoma" and "Eurochild" on the later. Words are Tricky "owe" Massive Attack some lyrics and he gave them the above. Although third album Pre-Millennium Tension (1996) did not chart as big as his debut, it still gave a couple of memorable songs, amongst them another personal favourite, Chrisiansands.

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