Thursday, 14 May 2009

Another tortoise adopted.

Another tortoise joins the family on Tuesday, a Geochelone Sulcata or African spur thigh tortoise as it is generally known. Found in Southern Sahara, North Africa, which is semi arid grassland Sulcata gained reputation as the third largest tortoise as well as the largest tortoise on land. It is also a known burrower, like a rabbit. For this particular speciment, it seems to have some pyramiding on its shells. Pyramiding is not a good sign as it generally occurred when a tortoise is facing some nutritional concerns, usually diet imbalance or right minerals and vitamins. Sometimes it will also occur due to the surrounding conditions, such as insufficient sunlight or too much moisture in meals. However, captive sulcata has been documented as always have pyramiding concerns, sometimes even at greater rate than other land tortoise prone to it such as leopard, stars and even radiated tortoise.

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