Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nine Inch Nails.

devils speak of the ways in which she'll manifest
angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress
need to contaminate to alleviate this loneliness
I now know the depths I reach are limitless
oh my beautiful liar
oh my precious whore
my disease my infection
I am so impure
~ Reptile.

God money i'll do anything for you.
God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall.
God money don't want everything he wants it all.
~ Head Like A Hole.

I wear this crown of s@#!
Upon my liar's chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here
~ Hurt.

don't think you're having all the fun

you know me i hate everyone

wish there was something real

wish there was something true

wish there was something real in this world full of you

i want to but i can't turn back
but i want to
~ Wish.

Trent Reznor aka NIN gave the most corrosive bile laden lyrics I have ever heard on this side of the universe. Plumbing deep into his own state of mind during the period of Pretty Hate Machine (1989), Broken(1992) and eventually The Downward Spiral (1994), of which I considered NIN magnum opus, these first two albums and one EP captured the self loathing and anger in its purest form which of course scared the *&^% out of me when I first heard it, particularly Broken and The Downward Spiral. Although filled with industrial strength synthetic effects and distorted walls of wailing guitars sounding like thousand of buzzsaws, they are interestingly structured and even melodic, of course after the ear has attuned itself to the sonic assault. I learnt abit later after its release that TDS is about a person's descend into insanity which of course ended with Hurt, a real emotive number about the individual after suicide via gun head wound. NIN also made someone meek in musical taste like me to cross over. The late Johnny Cash gave an emotional version of Hurt in American IV, which won him a Grammy.

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