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Hot Toys MMS ~ Briareos Hecatonchires & Deunan Knute.

Masamune Shiro's Appleseed ~ The story took place in 22nd Century (2131AD) after World War III. Although the global conflict does not involve any nuclear weapons, it decimated the world population by 50% and left many nations crippled forever. The main protogonists are Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires, former S.W.A.T. members of the L.A.P.D. After being found in an area known as Badlands, they are subsequently recruited into E.S.W.A.T. (Extra-Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics), a paramilitary group serving as a counter-terrorism unit, crime response, and special forces branch of the Central Management Bureau, enforcing international law and keeping the peace in Olympus, the world's most advance city-state which arise after the war. Olympus is an experimental city-state constructed by the General Management Control Office inhabited by both humans and bioroids. Bioroids are half human, half clone, genetically engineered species created to serve humankind and manage all administrative tasks in Olympus. The city state infrastructure, including the override circuits which safeguard the Multi-ped Cannon, is control and run by Gaia, a supercomputer. The current prime minister of Olympus is Athena Areios, a first generation Bioroid herself. Bioroids emotion are surpressed during their creation, and with them consisting at least half of Olympus population, peace and order are easily maintained. They also do not have the ability to reproduce and have a much shorter life span than humans or the first generation bioroids. However insurgency activities are on the rise, usually due to human and bioroids differences in ideologies and views.

Briareos Hecatonchires
Deunan's point man in E.S.W.A.T. He is a former S.W.A.T member under the same unit as Deunan and her father prior to the outbreak of WWW III. He is also Deunan's lover prior to the war. After being severely injured in a battle which destroyed 75% of his body, he is subsequently restored with a cyborg body which has a unique controller known as the Hecatonchires system. He is the only survivor out of a hundred candidates tested for the system.
Std. Armaments :
Cyborg skin ~ elastic outer layer covering the entire body capable of extraordinary sense of sensation as well as adjusting the body temperature to the optimum degree. It also enhances the physical strength to a superhuman level.
Cyborg sight ~ eight eyes mounted to his head, four on his face, two at the bases of "rabbit ear" sensors and two at the tips for allowance to overcome blind spot as well as allows him to see around corners without exposing himself. It moves in response to Briareos' mood.
Cyborg brain ~ augmented by an auxiliary brain which is a information processor capable of handling information in a conceptual format rather than hard numerical data.
Hecatonchires system ~ named after the hundred handed giants in the Greek mythology who guard the lower depth of Hades, it is unique to Briareos only. It is a cybernetics controller capable of controlling dozens of mechanical limbs or other bioroid/cyborg bodies independently from one another, with no additional strain on Briareos. It is also said that Briareos could simultaneously control and operate a complex, complicated system such as an aircraft carrier or even satellite whilst go on his own task independantly.
Weapons ~ A pair of PROMETHEUS M-08 Pistols and ENIGMA M-117 Anti-Matter Cannon Rifle.

Deunan Knute
Deunan is a natural human. She is a specialist in weapons handling, explosive devices manipulations, formidable hand-to-hand combat expert, and an excellent Landmate pilot. She also trains herself to be ambidextrous. She is temporarily blinded in one eye during an operation against the Olympus Regular Army (ORA) uprising. Although does not possess the enhance abilities of a bioroid or cyborg, Deunan has continuously demostrated her capabilities in bringing down opponent far stronger and tougher than herself, a testament to the fact that in between post WWW III and pre-Olympus days, she has trained herself almost to the point of perfection in various battles that taken place in Badlands. Unknown to her is that her deceased father Carl Knute's DNA is part of the original Bioroid cloning process template.
Weapons ~ E.S.W.A.T Riffle HECATE STG 1002, E.S.W.A.T Hand Gun HECATE P-08, GUGES Landmate Exo Suit.

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