Friday, 15 May 2009

The Terminator.

"I'll be back."

In a couple of weeks, The Terminator : Salvation would premier locally. Starring Christian Bale as John Connor, this would be the fourth movie in the series but other than that, I am not sure what the plot is all about. Saw some bits and pieces of the trailer on YouTube and some toy sites actually reveal who is human and otherwise. It also made me ordered the T-600 from Hot Toys (the T-600 will do as the T-800 is sold out everywhere). I am still considering whether to get Johnny though. One thing for sure, Arnold would not return as The Terminator model T-800. Generally without Arnold, The Terminator would be nothing coz Schwarzenegger is The Terminator. If there is no Arnold, someone would have to built him. Directed by James Cameron and released as a moderate budgeted sci-fi thriller back in 1984, this movie about a travel back in time battle for the future would go on to be one of the best cult movie of all time. I would not have thought about an assassin who is actually a cyborg disguised within layers of flesh to appear human. And good choice that Skynet, the future mother computer/AI who nuked the globe to get rid of the irritating homo sapiens by using a model which looks like Schwarzenegger. Afterall he is numerous times world body building champion. But then again maybe not, as eveything has a bydate. In Terminator 2 : Judgement Day, Arnie looks considerably much leaner and wrinkly. In T3, he looks like a prune. Maybe it is a good thing that in my mind, I kept saying The Terminator ended with Judgement Day. And Robert Patrick is just so worthy of being the antoganist, T-1000, a liquid shape shifting mimetic alloy. Like the exciting new Star Trek movie has done, here's hoping the fourth movie will re-ignite the faith once more.

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