Saturday, 13 June 2009

Brought family out for lunch at 1-Utama's New York Deli. We arrived early, missed breakfast, and looking for some American breakfast. The place is just perfect, large comfy seatings enough for all of us. Esther ordered a pasta for herself and Chloe, Dylan had some. As for me, I called for the large breakfast set as I was incredibly hungry, very tempted to order the Big Big Burger instead. The meals are nice but we had tasted better.
We took the opportunity to shop around for Chloe's school shoe as she will be starting kindergarten on this coming Monday.
Later went for dinner at Tong Nam Settlement near Jln. Tunku Abdul Rahman for the delicious fish head noodles and fried osysters. Yummy! The place, located at the backlane is abit dubious and kinda "dirty", understandable since it is located near the notorious Chow Kit area. Nevertheless, if we were to be late, there would be no table for us. Chloe and Dylan wolfed down so much noodles, so as their Pop, I did not want to be left behind and ate double the portions I usually had. Obviously, Esther was not amused.

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