Monday, 15 June 2009

Chloe's First Day At Kindergarten.

Couldn't sleep the whole night...kept tossing around. Anxious about Chloe's first day at a local Kindergarten. So woke up early at around 5am, went for an (extremely) early breakfast and came home to prepare. Chloe woke up at around 7am, prepared a cereal breakfast for her but she didn't like it, so took her for a bath, kept on advising her that she will be meeting new friends, learn songs and dancing etc. etc. She is alrighty about the whole thing, dressed up in her uniform and put on shoes promptly. Dylan also woke up early and seemed quite keen on Chloe's school bag which the kindergarten provided. I put some Bathing Ape's badges depicting animals in alphabetical order on it. Esther tried to get her a water bottle last night but mostly sold out (the one she wanted for Chloe). Suetch threw a tantrum before dressing up which stressed out mom (she would be going to the same class with Chloe as my sister terminated her semester at the previous kindergarten due to Suetch's inability to adapt to the new environment, so mom's idea is to let Chloe and her go to the same school under the same semester, sort of keeping each other company). Mom and I accompanied them there, but both were apprehensive and Chloe kept clinging on me, refusing to let go. Finally, I persuaded her to sit with Mom and Suetch and slipped off. But mom unfortunately had to accompany them through the entire day (which lasted until afternoon). Noticed that alot of moms and nannies, no father around so I felt kinda out of place. Some kids did cry, but most were obedient. Mom called at around 10.30am to collect them as today is their first day, so the teachers said they could be released early. Mom said Chloe clinged to her the entire time and also quite apprehensive in joining the group openly. Still shy basically. Well, hope that tomorrow would be a better day.

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