Monday, 22 June 2009

Denim Revisited.

After swearing off denim for at least year, I "curiously" checked out a pair of Evisu Heritage in Parkson, Pavilion KL this morning after having breakfast with an estate agent for shop rental and agreement for my soon to be started retail business. Never a fan of the Evisu EU version jeans, I am nevertheless surprised at the selections which also include shirts and tees. I was curious about a particular pair, Lot 0004 because it has suspender buttons which reminded me of one of their Evis era model. As well as in a No.1 Special denim, which is surprising. But then again, I am disheartened to realise that the model does not come with other features or details I am looking for specifically. Also, certain details are quite hip, so I hop out. Although in No.1 fabric, it still feels "different" from the No.1 I am currently having. Most likely my own personal paranoia. I wonder if Evisu would ever release some cuts from their archive instead of keep on re-interpreting the design. Finally, for that amount of ringgit, I would rather allocate it on a main Japanese range or other brands than for a pair which is made in Macau or China. Then again, I might not be able to indulge in Japanese denims any further coz for a start, the ever reliable proxy is no longer in service. This effectively means that I am cut off from ever getting a pair from Japan, unless via Rakuten Proxy which could be problem sometimes in terms of language. And Samurai released a S310XX 19oz version (15oz version was just sold out 2 years ago when it fell within my radar) recently. Evisu Japan has a new orange ear denim. Ooe Yofukuten just released their WW2 version. As well as possibly having a world tour of a pair of their jean ala what DD+1 had done 2 years ago with Evisu. Whew...until then, let's see if there is a new proxy for the Samurai...

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