Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day 2009.

Being a father and bringing up kids need plenty of commitments, in term of time and emotion. Sometimes Chloe and Dylan could drive me up to the wall. They constantly require my attention and wants me to carry them all the time. Chloe has also becomes increasingly whiny, cried or even shouts if things do not go her way. Dylan has increasingly become more active and curious about his surroundings. I always joke to Esther that he is like a little "juggernaut", once he's on the move, there is no stopping him. If I scold them, I will reflect back immediately and feel guilty. Am I overboard by scolding them or raising my voice? Esther always say I am the one who pamper them and she is the disciplinarian. Mom also complains why I pamper and give in to them so much. I can't help it sometimes. Chloe recently took apart one of the Transformer toys and I did not even say anything nor felt angry. When she requested to play with it, I naturally just gave it her. No second thought. Conversely, if mom or Esther accidentally cause one to fall or break apart, I would go loco. My mercurial temperament is one of my biggest faults. I reckoned I am now a more patient person than before. But there is still more rooms for improvement. Being constantly worry about their well being also stress me out sometimes. Are they eating right? Did anything happen to them today? What did Chloe learn at the kindergarten? Did she cry? Did Dylan go through his alphabets today? Why are they watching so much Barney? And so forth and so on. I also have to learn to ensure that I spend time having conversation with them which could be quite challenging admittedly. But gradually I learn to manage it and now, either through their baby talk or body language, I sort of know what they want and patiently listen to them. Sometimes if they demanded more than what I could afford to do, I would explain to them why it could not be done. And it is such a joy to observe and partake in their daily activities as well as seeing how they develop and grow up. I am hope I would be alright and become a good father to them...let's see how 2010 Father's Day blog entry would go.

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