Monday, 13 July 2009

Dad's 60th Birthday.

Dad decided to hold his birthday at his home town during the weekend. Dread!! I really hate to go to Teluk Intan. The town is just too...depressive. And the weather's too hot for an air-conditioned pampered creature like me. Might as well just melt away. Either that or here comes another acne or two in coming days. Coz I tend to smoke too much and drink sodas alot. The water there just taste too plain and weird. And knowing being the designated driver of the family, I tend to get stressed out on the road. Everybody seem to turn into an F-1 driver. Some likes to tailgate. On the mid lane. Coz the vehicle in front was hogging the lane, At 30 kmph. Argh. Anyhoo, 60th birthday is considered auspicious for anyone and it is an important occasion so I relented to mom's request. We had nice Chinese dinner, as usual, with invitations to all relatives from Dad's side. Chloe and Dylan seemed to enjoy themselves though, got to play with all the cousins. Nice change for them, instead of being couped up all day in the house back here.

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