Monday, 13 July 2009

The Flathead Chambray Shirts.

Finally got a new proxy. Package arrived last Friday, just before leaving for Teluk Intan. I am looking for a workwear and don't know much about Chambray but I suppose it is something like denim (?). Again, lurves The Flathead cut.
According to Rakuten online shop, 2nd, the description of the shirt :
And relying on Google Translate,
"THEFLATHEAD (ZAFURATTOHEDDO) CHAMBRAYWESTERNSHIRT (SHANBUREUESUTANSHATSU)! Aims to symbolize the tight style & SHANBUREUESUTANSHATSU a short flat head. 5oz fabric used by the power loom. Roll stitch design. Silhouette and tight shorts. Dyeing shackles. WANUOSSHU. 5oz by power loom fabric is finished with a texture and feel of a solid body SARARITO. The best feature is its sense of irregularities in the fabric. Dye staining of the shackles, tie-dye techniques employed. Sense of itself as well as the ruggedness of the material by a different color織RI上GERU warp and weft, the fabric is finished with just a plain expression of the change. Of course, with ears that are plain to see the parts you can and Mathivat back. Vintage lovers should also understand the quality of your favorite candy Kazi. In addition to the patronage of the fabrics, in winding FURATTOHEDDOSHATSU the specifications of the natural seam. Terms of intensity, of course, played a major role to keep a shadow of a silhouette, a design, a more solid sense of the shirts because of the rolled seam puckering, included washing, spread the fun cover up. Silhouette Silhouette is a tight course in the true worth of the short flat head. Hem and belt marks in the pants to tuck in, as well as enjoy a full Western-style cowboy boots, to wear dressed in a full open, but important difficulty, and affect the well-calculated AMEKAJISUTAIRU adult, Because the only claim a simple item, the stoic NIJIMI出MASU obsession with detail and the silhouette. One ZAFURATTOHEDDOSHANBURESHATSU want to check!"
Uh....I reckoned it suppose to act like a denim fabric, the longer I wear it the more "vintage" appearance it would become, faded like a jean. Although made of 5oz selvedge chambray, it doesn't really feel like it, which is nice.

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