Friday, 24 July 2009

Samurai Jeans x Izumi SMS II.

Never been into collaborative products between brands. It's too saturated and takes the "meaning" out of the entire context. Like sneakers/trainers market. There are hundreds of collaborative products right now. An exception would be if it captures what I am looking for, and in particular from brands which I have been a fan, then I would have a thinker about it. Samurai Jeans is famous for its collaboration with many Rakuten stores, either in the form of an anniversary or special occasion. Samurai Jeans recently collaborated with Izumi Jeans Shop for the second time. Previously, they had collaborated for Izumi's 35th Anniversary. I bought this pair because of certain details. The patch is made of cloth, stamped with "No. 2" to denotes their second collaboration. This reminds me of LVC Lot 201 jean, which has similar appearance. Incidentally, LVC Japan has recently released repro of Lot 201 and Lot 333 (with "No. 3" non-selvedge denim). The patch depicts Musashi and Kojiro in duel as usual, with background depicting two "Moai" monolithic statues located in Miyazaki Prefecture as well as the Kyushu mountain range (which is part of the Kirishima volcanic zone). The sea and coconut trees representing the coastline of the Pacific Ocean at the eastern border. There is also a bird like chicken flying pass by. The cloth patch is also the first for Samurai I believe. The arcuate and red tag are pretty much standard. My favourite pine buttons from the zero series are applied, in black powdered version (like S3000BK?) and with a crotch rivet. It has a cinch back buckle but sits lower than standard position, possibly allowing a belt to be used as well if "cinching" is uncomfortable. The two front, herringbone pocket bags are red in color, just like the S3000VX WWII model, which I really like. There is only one single back pocket with exposed rivets, like the S7000VX. The selvedge is silver this time around, instead of the usual red, and as per Samurai's standard, is "sprinkled" with silver lame, denoting the "sword's edge" with chain stitching. The denim itself is 15 oz, right twill. The cut is basically loose and baggy, much like S634XX. One thing which is weird is the "smell" of this jean. Usually a pair of raw jean smells kinda awful with slight tinge of ammonia/chemical. But this pair, it smells different, flowery fragrant or something like that. Domestic release only, limited to 100 pairs.

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