Friday, 24 July 2009

Samurai Jeans S310XX - 19oz.

This model, in its 15oz incarnation, I think I mentioned before, was within my radar throughout 07 and 08 but sold out everywhere. Thus, surprisingly, whilst browsing through their newly opened online store, this model was announced and yet not seen on other Rakuten online shops. The helpful proxy informed me (at that time) it was not produced yet and Samurai was then taking pre-orders. I am not entirely sure whether this model, S310XX, is a repro. It certainly has a vintage cut, meaning loose and baggy but I am not sure which model it is based on as template. The off center back belt loop sort of paid homage to the mid 50s type and the arcuates are intertwined using two colors of stitching, brown and yellow. The Samurai "fonts" on the red tag are now in shiny silver instead of usual white (rare types include non-reverse "A" alphabet and a red font on white tag, which l think I saw on a collaboration between HK Take 5 x Samurai Jeans). The selvedge is silver, as with all Lot 12 (2009) models I suppose. There are the standard Sunrise buttons as in their Samurai series with a crotch rivet. The patch is in standard leather with "012" lot number stamped in three numerical instead of two, a rather fatter, more "muscular" Musashi and Kojiro as well as the Mount Fuji curiously looking much more higher. The denim is 19oz, might be Texas cotton. And incredibly slubby and coarse. I pray my skinny legs would be able to take the punishment.

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