Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Cocktails first. Questions later.
This is not about the questionable swinging lifestyle, but rather, a fun and well made, humorous movie from 1996 directed by Doug Liman, written and starred by non other than Jon Favreau, who recently gained more fame by being the director of Iron Man (2008). It also starred a much younger looking Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston, Alex Désert, Patrick Van Horn and a then unknown Heather Graham. The story, which took place in Hollywood, around mid 90s, with the swing music revival scene serving as the background, revolved around Mike (Jon Favreau), an unemployed comedian from NY and his group of equally unemployed actor buddies who tried at every turn to get him back into the single scene in order for him to forget about his ex girl friend (who dumped him six months ago). What ensued was a series of hilarious events and awkward moments involving the single scene which were made even funnier with the sort of conversations which went on between the characters and their views on being "money" enough for the "digits".

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