Thursday, 6 August 2009

Victorinox Swiss Army 125th Anniversary Heritage Knife.

Dad bought me a Victorinox Swiss Army knife once, but I misplaced it. Darn. It is not cheap. An average one cost about MYR 100 plus. I didn't tell my Dad even until today that I lost it. I think he has forgotten about it. Like a Zippo lighter, a swiss knife is considered one of the essential "accessories" to be owned and flaunt back in the 80s. Because of MacGyver. That guy basically loved to "built a rocket out of a matchbox and a paper clip" (or something like that) in the series, of which he usually used the various swiss knives at his disposal to create some sort of solutions to his problems at hand by using common items he could lay his hands on. That's the power of pop culture on gullible mind of mine. I meant to get a replacement but I just wasn't that keen anymore. Until that is when I saw their 125th Anniversary Heritage version. Limited to just 1884 individually numbered units, the Heritage is a replica of the 1891 "Soldier's Knife" made by Karl Elsener for the Swiss Army. When "limited" and "replica" are mentioned under the same sentence, it means that the price would not just be MYR 100 plus range. The website retails it for USD 495. That's a mind boggling, near MYR 1800 for an ownership of a replica of an item from the distant past.

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