Wednesday, 2 September 2009

French "Spiderman" Finally Conquer The Twin Towers.

Alain Robert, 47, a self styled dare devil climber of tall buildings around the world, finally made it to the top of this country's Petronas Twin Towers on yesterday. After being arrested twice by the local law enforcers for his two, previous obviously uncompleted attempts, he finally managed to complete the climbing in the wee hour of the morning as the security guards are probably sleeping ;) and reached the top in an hour and 45 minutes. He is currently being held by the police after the security guards took him in (whom I guessed woke up in time to witness Robert's achievement) and no news on whether he would be charged with anything. Hopefully not caning :P
Update (5th Sept 09) : Alain is eventually fined MYR 2000 with promise not to climb another building in this country again.

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