Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Noel Gallagher announced recently that he is quitting Oasis for real this time after he couldn't stand Liam any longer. Just when I thought everything is dandy between the two famous fueding brothers. Not that I still enjoy their current releases but nostalgic moment flashes back just when Oasis is truly one of the biggest band in the world with their brand of Beatlelesque Brit Pop. That's back when they gave the world Definitely Maybe and What's The Story Morning Glory? Brotherly fight in the same band is nothing new but seems to be a "trend" with bands from the region. The Jesus And The Mary Chain, who are Jim and William Reid , two cool cats from Scotland, fought epic brotherly bouts (as well as notoriously violent live sets) but gave the world Psychocandy, an album infused with so much sonic feedbacks that I struggled like a drowning man when I first heard it. But unlike No Wave or Avant Garde Punk category bands, once I swam to the other side, the almost bubble gum pop like melodious songs greeted me. The album perhaps set the tone for bands like My Bloody Valentine aka shoegazers, which yield their axes sonic assault like there is no tomorrow. Earphones are strictly not recommended when listening to the JAMC first album as eardrums will definitely bleed literally.

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