Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hail in Solaris Dutamas ~ Raining Ice...

Finally rains after a period of intense heat wave...with a twist. Right in front of the shop at Solaris Dutamas, a wave of ice dropped on everything along with a furious rain. It's fun to see the boys and girls of the hardware shop beside me running about and snapping pics of the ices. Pity those fancy cars parked in front though...luckily it is not as large as the infamous Sydney ones couple of years back, and not as intense as the one encounter two years ago (?) in Subang. Accordingly, hail encounter in the tropics, though rare, is not unusual. When there is a sudden strong rise of hot air into clouds, particularly the cumulonimbus type, will cause small, irregular lumps of ice known as hail stones to form and fall along with the rains, usually between half mm to an inch in diameter. Thus far, have experienced hailstones personally three times, one in Perth, the Subang one, and now here in Solaris Dutamas. Three is such a lucky number. Should buy 4D. Wonder what is the number for hail stone?

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