Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Storm Warriors.

...this movie is about, uh, arhm...I not sure honestly. Watching it is like going through various clips of some Cantopop videos spliced together...lotsa great hunky dory poses by the actors, special effects and heroic psycho babbling one liners...but from the beginning till the end, I am not sure what is actually going on. Having suffered from the handicap of not being able to read nor write any chinese, I have never had any opportunity to follow on the comics. The Storm Warriors or Storm Riders (in its first celluloid incarnation a decade ago) or Wind & Cloud, is nevertheless, an extremely popular (and endless storyline), epic, martial art fantasy story, courtesy of Ma Wing Shung. I remembered back in the Ipoh years, whilst waiting for my turn to get a haircut, I would browse through the stacks of magazines on the bench, usually consist of standard fare like men and women hairstyles and gossip mag. What interests me whilst tolerating the pungent smell of someone perming their hairs, would be Old Master Q, and Wind & Cloud comics. I am really impressed with Ma's artwork during that time. The guy could really capture the intensity of the actions. Years later, his artwork would somehow reminds me of the same guy whom illustrates the Crying Freeman and Santuary manga series (what's his name again?). Although the movie disappoints, I nevertheless look forward the release of 1/6th scale version of the characters from Enterbay...which, by the way, is notorious for postponing their supposedly release date.

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