Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The sequel to one of the best horror movie in recent memory, the 2007 Spanish horror caper, [rec], reveals more informations pertaining to the supposed virus infection and its relation to the possession of the original patient zero, the crazily emancipated girl, Medeiros. Loves the way the story link all the questions raised in the first movie together in this sequel - the virus, its relation from theological and biological aspect, hidden doors and pools (which serves as "portal" to another world/dimension) which could only be "seen and access" in the dark. Oh, and the twist in the end, darn, how could I miss that? Perhaps the onset of nausea due to the shaky, shaky camerawork...contrary to the "tradition" of sequel curses i.e. "it sucks", [rec]2 does not disappoint and makes me look forward part 3...

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