Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Enterbay ~ The Storm Warriors (风云II) : 1/6th Striding Cloud (步驚雲).

Name : Striding Cloud i.e. Bou Keng Wan (步驚雲).
Alias : Fok Keng Kok (霍驚覺).
Nickname : The God Of Death Who Does Not Cry (不哭死神).

Martial art skills :
The Immeasurable Strokes of Condemnation (摩訶無量)
The Cloud Splitting Palm Stance (排雲掌)
The Three "Ba" Palm Stance (三雲十掌)
The Ultimate Heaven's Path Stance (天道無極)
The No Entreatment Stance (無求易訣)
The Enduring Fist of Mountains And Seas Stance (山海拳經)

Weapons :
The Sword of Ultimate Superiority (絕世好劍).
The Kirin Beast Arm (麒麟臂).

Swordplay styles :
The Fok Family Swordplay Stance (霍家劍法).
The Sword 22 Stance (劍廿二).
The Sorrowful Swordplay of Nameless (痛悲莫名)
The Three "Ba" Swordplay Stance (三雲十劍).

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