Saturday, 29 May 2010

Evisu No.1 Special ~ 20oz 20th Anniversary Version.

...the package arrived. Evisu No.1 Special in 20oz version. And I could not believe my eyes when Hide-san said over his email reply that yes, indeed it was still available. This is it. A nice, overall very satisfactory way to cap off 2010 denim purchase (err, the only pair btw for 2010, coz I missed The Flathead Lot 3005 re-issue with proper arcuates and red tab. I am seriously cutting down my denim budget...with newfound obsession over 1/6th plastique). Like mentioned before, I got this coz a) its an anniversary edition (I just couldn't wait another 10 years), b) it comes with a that cinch back ~ must be the "thickest" cinch I ever seen, just like what I seen previously on Yamane's Lot 1947. This is perhaps the lamest excuse I gave myself to get it (and subsequently burning larger and larger hole in the pocket). All characteristics of an Evisu are here as usual for a Made In Japon Evisu so I wouldn't wanna go through it again 'cept for a) the label is made of cloth instead of the "beef jerky" standard leather, with "20 oz No. 1 Special" stamped on it b) positioned on the middle instead of the usual right (thus partly hidden by the slanted mid belt loop, darn it!), c) personal specification of white paint of "kamone" on left back pocket and "man" 男 on right. A curious note on the hand painted designs, the "kamone" is thicker comparatively, and the "man", wow, what an elegant kanji strokes it is! Which makes me almost wanna cry knowing that couple of washes later, these paints (as they naturally should be), would eventually fade and come off.

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