Friday, 8 October 2010

Chloe & Dylan ~ Getting "Drunk" On Milk...

Pics ~ Top to Bottom :
Dylan : Cheh Cheh, one "special" before hitting the sack.
Chloe : OK Dylan Boy.
Chloe : Here you go, try this "special". Milk + Milo + more milk!
Dylan : gulp...Whoa!!! Zoo-wee mama!
Dylan : I shall mix my own...hang on....feeling....slleeeeppppyyyyy....
Chloe : You wan some Papa? Milk is good for u! (while Dylan's looking hammered....)
...with Esther in Vietnam completing her co.'s projects, the two precious, as usual, ran wild around the household, turning it upside down, inside out...just two nights ago, they turned the side table into a mini bar of some sort, mixing a strange concoction of milk, milo and water from their half finished nightly drinks, laughing and laughing away while I tried to grab some sleep....

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