Sunday, 3 October 2010

ThreeA ~ Popbot : Tomorrow Queens ~ Threeway Pack.

The great companion, the comfort, the mother.
Tomorrow Queen, the thorn of the Mortis.
We will be there not when you want us, but when you need us.

- write-up from the box.

Top to bottom : Yubi, Odayaka, Yumiko.

A (mis) interpretation:

Category: Mass production replicants.
Model type: The Tomorrow Queens - GEN 2.0
Unit type: The Gorgos.
Yubi-O-Tekika (指を滴下) / "Dripping Fingers."
Odayaka-na-Itami (穏やかな傷み) / "Calm and Pain."
Yumiko-Jojishi-Kishō (由美子叙事詩気性) / "Yumiko Epic Temper."

Rank: Nee-san.
Function: Close assault.
Manufacturer: The Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation.
Incept date: 8th June 1990.
Serial no.: TQG02FAB08061990.
Longevity: 4 years.
Physical level: A.
Mental level: B.
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial arts; superhuman physiology.
Std. armaments:
Yumiko: LICK-A-SHOT 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun; monomolecular-edged katana x 2; monomolecular-edged wakizashi x 2; Ion cyclotron gloves x 2; monomolecular-edged heels.
Odayaka and Yubi: Monomolecular-edged katana x 2; monomolecular-edged wakizashi x 2; Ion-cyclotron gloves x 2; monomolecular-edged heels.

Yubi, Odayaka and Yumiko are much feared triptych series of the Tomorrow Queens female replicants manufactured by the Luthor Bean Jr. Corporation in an ongoing battle against Queen Mortis monstrous, corrupted machines across the massive battle fields within the Underverse, the name given to a Warp rift formed within the derelict Leviathan 1 interstellar space ship at Site 7, L3. With advanced gene seeds derive from the GEN 1.0 Tomorrow Queens, these ladies, whose DNA are replicated and cloned from former Eastasian AV actresses, they are a much feared foes of the Mortis Legion and highly revered by their creator, the shadowy dhampir lord, Luthor Bean Jr. They later gained the designation, Gorgos, due to their ferociousness during combat. One of the longest running female replicants in production, they would later become the personal retinues of Lady Sham.

Ah, my first TQs figures from 3A, a set of three. Been looking for these ever since. Babes with killers heels. Nothing beats that. And 3D renditions from famed artist, Ashley Wood, paintings. Sexay!

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