Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hot Toys MMS 129 ~ The Terminator 2 : T-1000

John: So this other guy? He's a terminator too, right? Like you?
T-800: Not like me. A T-1000,advanced prototype.
John: More advance than you are?
T-800: Yes. A mimetic polyalloy.
John: What the hell does that mean?
T-800: Liquid metal.


John: You're telling me that this thing can imitate anything it touches?
T-800: Anything it samples by physical contact.
John: Get it could disguise itself as anything...a pack of cigarettes?
T-800: No. Only an object of equal size.
John: Why not just become a bomb or something to get me?
T-800: It can't form complex machines. Guns and explosives have chemicals, moving parts. It doesn't work that way. But it can form solid metal shapes.
John: Like what?
T-800: Knives and stabbing weapons.


The T-1000 is one of the most memorable antagonists I have seen in moviedom for its time. It remains an iconic character, thanks to the then CGI technology which made me go "oh man" when I see what the "new" Terminator can do. Director James Cameron commented in the DVD that the T-800, in comparison to the T-1000, is like "a human panzer tank compare to a Porsche." Credit also goes to actor Robert Patrick, whose cat-like, sleek movement and those cold as steel eyes really capture the essence of the T-1000 in all its glory, just like what Arnie did in the first movie and this sequel. In the deleted scene, we see what the T-1000 can do more, like being able to scan infos through it's finger tips, maybe for DNA traces or on molecular level, and after it was briefly frozen and then "defrosted", it suffered from defects, like bonding and taking wrong coloration on the handrail, as well as giving away its disguise as Sarah Connor when John Connor saw its feet half bonded to the corrugated iron platforms in the climatic final sequence within the steel mill.

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