Sunday, 23 January 2011

Enterbay ~ The Storm Warriors (风云II) : 1/6th Whispering Wind (聂风)


九霄龙吟惊天变, 风云际会浅水游.

Name : Whispering Wind i.e. Nip Fung (聶風).

Alias : Siu Ma Gor (小馬哥).

Nickname :
The God Amongst the Winds (風中之神).
The Kirin Beast Demon (麒麟魔).

Weapon : The Snow Drinker Sabre (雪飲刀).

Martial art skills :
The Immeasurable Strokes of Condemnation (摩訶無量).
The Wind God Kick Stance (風神腿法).
The Ten Invincible Stance (十强武道).
The Demonic Kick Stance (魔腿).
The Demonic Flight Stance of Chaos (群魔亂舞).

The Berserker Blood Stance ( (瘋血).
Swordplay styles :
The Six Impervious Cold Stance (傲寒六訣).
The Emotionless Sabre Stance (斷情刀).
The Demonic Sabre Stance (魔刀).
The Demonic Blood Sabre Assault Stance (血刃魔攻).

The headsculpt is a tad off for the likeness of the actor, veteran Cheng Ee Kin. But this figure is slightly taller and looks good with the impressive sabre.

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