Monday, 7 February 2011

Triad Toys ~ Jade Van Helsing.

...unlike Lola, Triad Toys subsequent figures "lack" the distinctive "makeup" which I thought is basic requirement for all such 1/6th figures. I think it all starts from their much hype up/long awaited Alpha/Eva basic body figures, of which I wanna get when it was announced but to my surprise, when I personally saw it at xl-shop, the "face" is very different from the prototype pics, as well as I can see from the translucent packaging, both hands are different in color (!). The discomfort is that when their prototype is shown, it is very good but the real thing is actually far from it. So when I thought of getting Jade Van Helsing, I brace myself for the differences. As I write this, I still could not think of why I got this figure to be honest. To reduce the guilt of wanton spending of hard earned money, I took Tamiya's weathering kit set and "makeup" Jade as well as "re-draw" her eyebrows and "eye-lining" her eyes to make it more "distinctive". I also tried "re-sculpting" her hair by applying gel! It's my first try at such things, it's not easy, and it's definitely messy. Looking at the result, obviously more practise is required :P

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