Friday, 21 January 2011

Hot Toys MMS 124 ~ Iron Man 2 : Black Widow.

...this is the barest Hot Toys I coughed out the dough for....the Truetype female body is good enough reason I guess :) So much discussion went on the key toys forums on how the "position" of Johanssen's ahem, "mammary glands" are all wrong etc. 'till the point whereby HT decided to "allow" the "assets" to be "adjustable" by not permanently put it in place, so the customers can decide on how to position/"push it" accordingly. Fer me, I kinda glue it in position but due to some "ichy" hands, both the "assets" were stained, and had a rough time "rubbing" it off, resulting in flaking of the skins, which now looks like chest hair...The head sculpt is Johanssen alright but comparatively, still prefer the Silken Floss blondie version from the dud movie, "The Spirit". BTW, I definitely do not remember seeing the Black Widow's boobies being D-Cup size in the Iron Man sequel.

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