Friday, 21 January 2011

Hot Toys MMS 138 ~ The Expendables : Barney Ross

Ayam telur! ;P

"Apollo Creed vs the Italian Stallion. Sounds like a #$%@! monster movie!" ~ Creed, Rocky.

This figure serves as a nostalgic reminder of the mid 80s, hazy time gone by, of when action movies ruled the box office. Since I haven't started collecting 12 inch action figure yet when Hot Toys began releasing Stallone related classic characters, namely Rambo and Rocky, and since these specific toys are being sold at a price where I could get me self a couple of DX grade figures, I am glad that HT released this figure based on last year's The Expendables, an assembled cast action movie which is reminiscence, in general sense, of those classic 80s action style story (one man army/power elite team, lots of ammunition, explosives, macho testosterone fueled men saving a third world nation from themselves and obligatory climatic showdown with the main villain consisting usually of dictatorial despot/gang leader/terrorist). Another reason is because I thought I saw some John Spartan in this figure (from Demolition Man ~ 1993). I have a strong urge to add/adjust some of it's gears and re-imagine it like I always do but, I have yet to decide whether to get a Blade II figure (i.e. as Simon Phoenix ~ Wesley Snipes).

I did not have much luck with this figure though. First, I broke the vest's zipper. Secondly, as usual, I had a hard time putting those pesky straps together to get a neater fit on the body. Third, the left leg pop out at the knee joint section (but somehow managed to pop it back in without removing the pants). Finally, the right arm's somehow, how shall I put this, "snag" at certain angle on the shoulder joint area. I actually have to apply some pressure onto it to continue allowing the arm to "freely" rotate and bend. I think it gotta do with the meeting point of the rubber body and the ball joint. The tats look great, and the body has nice sinewy details, especially the arms. The headsculpt is pretty much spot on for me at least. And depending on which angle I look at it, sometimes I thought Stallone look a bit maniacal, as if he is leering or staring at me, saying "ayam telur!". It is a long running crude joke on Stallone spouting the line in 1995's Judge Dredd, "I'm the law" (note that Stallone is known for his trademark sneer and slurring speech due to an accident during his birth). Height wise it is standard size but when position it side by side with the two T-800s, he looks short, at least a head shorter.

Overall, I am, again, glad to have at least a figure based on a classic 80s action movie star, released by Hot Toys.

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