Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dylan ~ Faux Pearl Stuck In Nostril!

No joke. Took half day off. Received call from Mom. Dylan had put one of Esther's synthetic pearl into his right nostril. Initially went to nearby GP. The doc said it was kinda too deep to be extracted using their equipments, highly recommended to see ENT specialist instead. Drove him to ENT clinic, but doc not in. Drove to nearby specialist centre instead. ENT specialist in OT, gotta wait or go to their emergency wing. No choice. The emergency wing doc, together with three other orderlies held down Dylan as he cried. Heartbroken and shed a tear and two. Siti cried too, Chloe looked stun at the situation. Took three attempts, as Dylan was traumatized and had to pee, then second attempt he managed to free himself. Praying, the doc finally extracted the pearl out. Esther arrived in time not to witness the entire personally stressful incident. I hope Dylan learnt his lesson. More importantly, he is safe and healthy again.

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