Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hot Toys MMS DX 05 ~ Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Ahh. Another iconic movie character from the 80s. The 80s movies are known for it's slew of one man action hero taking on single handedly foreign speaking third world country army (dominated by Arnie and Sly, and oh, Bruce), sci-fi and action adventure films. Big budget. Lotsa explosion and exploration. Past and future. And gotta be trilogy. That's the 80s trend. Maybe it is the Spielberg-Lucas factor. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of them. Released in '81, it is darn entertaining. One of my fav 80s movie trilogy of all time (the other being the original Star Wars, and Back to the Future), this is the one which introduced Indy and his swashbuckling adventure taking place in the 30s, which mixes some serious non-stop actions, humourous elements on top of searching for mythical and legendary artifacts in between fighting off the forever whipping boys (and girls) of villiany, the Nazis.
Hot Toys released this Indy based on the first movie in DX format, which means more dough being coughed out from my pocket. Everything's fine with this figure, except for the controversial headsculpt. Well, it is like this. Prior to the actual release, there have been lotsa not so nice feedbacks in some toy forums about how it does not look like Harrison and etc etc. When the actual figure is released, to the horror of many pics I saw posted, Harrison seems to be wearing what we call "guyliner" i.e. eye liner at the bottom of the eyes. Now with the figure in hand, there is indeed a visible guyliner but not as obvious (or world ending horrific result as some posts highlighted). In fact, it does not even show up unless I purposely put it on certain "angle" under the light. Otherwise, to my huge relief, it is Harrison as Indy. There is a post which helps those who can't stand it to eliminate the guyliner but I wouldn't sweat it. Also the process is kinda complicated for me. The accesorries are all there (loves those 1/6th Aldens, just pity I could not effort one even now), the hybrid A2 leather jacket etc. except for the fedora. Yes, if there is an issue I would pick on this figure is the @#$% hat! Apart from the whip, the fedora is considered an iconic feature of Indy, and HT got it all out of size. It just could not sit on properly. When put on, it looks like it is "floating" instead of fitting (even though HT is thoughtful enough to provide "with or without hat" hair options). Otherwise, this figure works fine for me. Still no Blade Runner though...

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