Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chloe & Dylan ~ CNY 2012 at Malacca.

A total change from the dull Teluk Intan. Sorry, too honest. More merrier atmosphere. Journey there is smooth, and no jam. Tried to avoid the city centre as much as possible, too many tourists. But risked it when we went to Jonker's Walk for a t-shirt or two at the Orang Utan House by Charles Cham. It's becoming a tradition, to get the latest tee reflecting each CNY on the imprint. Also, went nearby for the delicious, could not get any where else, as where as I am concern, the spring roll outside of Madam King's store. Gotta prepare to wait though. Delicious it is, with all arteries choking lardy goodness but not too many though, as it can be overwhelming after one or two rolls. Call it the Law of Diminishing Return. Esther's mom whipped up some delicious traditional CNY lunch and dinner as usual.

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