Sunday, 29 January 2012

CNY 2012 ~ Teluk Intan.

Back to TA (Teluk Anson, the ole name for Teluk Intan), on Sunday early in the wee hour of the morning, 6am to be precised, for the fear of traffic exodus. Pop and Mom called in on Friday evening and they took about 6 hours for a 2 hours trip. Surprisingly, hardly any jam. Great. Reached there at 8am, stopped by McD to grab some breakfasts. But with no kids around, the cousins' kids were all either in Spore or Penang, sister and family in Langkawi, it was admittedly a rather quiet affair at TA. Feels like an old folks home, hehehe. But the kids enjoyed themselves, finding their own way to entertain themselves, at night, played some fire crackers and sparklers, one which unfortunately landed too near us, gave us a fright. No Ah Lek's chee cheong fun this year, as it was getting too expensive, and too lazy to go out. By Tuesday, we were off back to Subang for a rest before departing for Malacca on Wed morning.

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