Monday, 21 May 2012

Prometheus - Movie Trailer.

I am kinda excited and looking forward this movie, by Ridley Scott no less, and after much confusion and throw you off the track infos, I believe this is truly a loose prequel to my all time fav horror sci fi classic, the 1979 Alien. Premiering soon in early June, the two trailers features a team of explorers once more on a planet (Archeron/LV 426 at Zeta Reticulli 2?), with viral snippets showing Weyland CEO giving talks about "gods and human civilisation advancement" as well as another android. There are many scenes which shows its "link" to Alien - the derelict spaceship, the still living space jockey, "urns" lining along a chamber. H.R. Giger is backed but for limited props effect. If you were to look at the trailers closely, and I mean really closely, there is a fast scene showing another bio-mechanical creature walking towards the space jockey, which was "burbling" from within. There's also snippets of conversation about "heading towards Earth". Then finally, the "screeching" soundtrack, which was originally heard on the trailers release of Alien back in '79. And an alien domed structure originally envisioned instead of the derelict spaceship during early conceptual development to Alien. A tribute of some sort I reckon. Thus, the questions playing in my mind is the space jockey actually carrying some form of bio-weapons toward Earth to wipe out the human race? More importantly, would this give us some answers as to how the Alien come about? Bio-engineered? And what is that mysterious second creature approaching the jockey? Guess all would be answered and revealed, hopefully in a satisfying manner, when the movie premier in June 2012.

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