Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Trip to Kuantan ~ Hyatt Regency.

Its school holidays for two weeks, so Karen and Will organised a trip to Kuantan at east coast for a three days two night stays at Hyatt Regency. Nice place, with clean strip of beach and plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy. The drive there is nice and relaxful, even though there's still lots of cars on the highway but at least there isn't any traffic jam. The only scare is the stretch passing Genting Highland, infamous for its winding, snake like road. Just have to drive carefully and being alert. Esther's entire family - her mom, dad, Kar Yau, Pauline and their three kids, Stephanie,  joined in the trip, a memorable one, and for me, its my first time to the east coast. I thought it would be a long drive, but we managed to reach there in about three hours plus some R&R stops. There are meal vouchers courtesy of the hotel, though we did try two local restaurants for lunch, one on the way there and the other on the second day. Normal stuffs but not sub par either. Kuantan is pretty kinda busy town. The most important thing is the kids enjoying themselves. The way home was smooth 'cept that we reached home during the late evening, so abit tiring as we were caught in the jam. Given the any future opportunity, like Bali trip, I hope to bring the family there again. Or maybe Cherating next.

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