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ThreeA ~ Adventure Kartel : King Thumb of The Nefarious Ten Finger Robot Gang.

On the day I was born
The nurses all gathered 'round
And they gazed in wide wonder
At the joy they had found
The head nurse spoke up
Said "leave this one alone"
She could tell right away
That I was bad to the bone

Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone
~ Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

A (mis) Interpretation:

Name : Mikael Ironside.
Alias : King Thumb.
Age: 45 years old.
Affiliation : Champion of the Zombots Horde (former); Leader - The Nefarious Ten Finger Robot Gang (current).
Manufacturer: Zomb MD.
Height: 6 feet.
Weight: 500 kg.
Armour type : Super hardened rare metals composite alloy.
Armour thickness: 60mm.
Power plant : Warp powered daemon fuel cell.
Std. Armaments: "The Forgebreaker" - Daemon weapon x 1; auto-revolver x 1; monomolecular-edged wakizashi x 1; "The Ride of Apocalypse" - modified Zündapp x 1; Abomination Intelligence system; Auspex - multi-scanners.
Abilities : Machine Klatsch - robot martial art; cybernetic enhanced physiology; invulnerability against magic/physical attack; cunningness; techno arcane adept; average military strategist and tactician.

2001. Deep within the bowels of the Carrion City, the Zomb MD desires something equivalent to the New Andria's robot protectors, the ANKOUs. Embarking on this endeavour, the crazed, absolute overlord of the walking dead hordes successfully creates the Zombots, an unholy hybrid of machines and  living, captive humans fused with lesser daemons summon from the Immaterium via the Heart of Darkness. Assembled at the Forge of Souls with a mix of arcane knowledge and dark science, the Zombots prove to be the answer the Zomb MD has been looking for. Built through haphazard collection of salvaged, modified warbots' parts, cybernetic enhancements and trapped with unfortunate souls, the Zombots are driven to insanity for being merged with warp entities and sealed within a super hardened rare metals composition armour. These Zombots fight with deadly rigour, and tactical precision against the New Andria's ANKOUs robot protectors, rivalling even the Warzombs. They are equipped with all forms of projectile weapons, from rocket launchers to machine guns. The Zombots prove to be another new deadly creation by the Zomb MD in his (its) determination to depopulate New Andria and the entire sub-sector. 
Champion of these Zombots is King Thumb. A former Marine veteran known as Mikael Ironside from the Age of The Great War, King Thumb is different from other Zombots. Before being turned, Ironside was an acquaintance of William "Bleak" Mission, both being in the same company during the rotation and fought in Germania sub-sector of the Western Front. Even as a grunt, Ironside was considered a sociopath. The CO of the company once commented the Ironside was "neither fit to command, nor fit to be commanded". He committed acts of atrocities which surpassed even the most insane acts of madness a war can induced within an individual. Eventually, Ironside was forced out and dishonourably discharged from service. After military rehabilitation, he took up a number of "jobs", all illegal within the official context, and was particularly noted for working briefly with the MOD pirates as a cyber hacker. When it was too much even for the MOD to handle him, Ironside became a cybernetic parts smuggler and came to New Andria to work for one of the local Mafiosi, Mo Prostate. When he was wanted by the New Andria security for indiscriminate stealing of cybernetic body parts and murder, Ironside  tried to escape the city, but Mo backstabbed him by ratting him out to the authorities to clear himself of Ironside's crimes.
Sentenced to the Butcher's Bay penal colony iso-cube for life on Site 7, Ironside managed to escape during transit, slaughtered everyone in the shuttle and returned to New Andria for vengeance. He failed in his attempt to assassinate Tommy Mission but managed to escape the New Andria police authority. Regardless his body was severely injured during his escape, and Ironside hid himself within the networks of sewer tunnels for a period where gangrene and severe wound myiasis began to occur.
A lowly, hungry Zomb found what remained of Ironside before he succumb to septicemia, and brought him back to the Necropolis as supper. Before Ironside could become a meal for the zomb, the Zombot programme had begun and desperate for whatever raw materials required, the Zomb MD commanded that Ironside's remains to be fed to the Forge of Souls.
The process of transformation was ghastly, with unbridled pain. Already insane, Ironside mental downward spiral reached an all time low, totally devoid of empathy and morality. Fuelled with white heated anger, Ironside overcame the warp entity's possession of his soul, and became independent of the Heart of Darkness and the Zomb MD's controls. In general, all Zombots were reduced to no more than a mindless automatons, robot fighting machines for the Zombs Horde based on a mix of dark instructions and pre-programmed protocols which the Zomb M.D. devilishly called as the Abomination Intelligence System. But not Ironside, for through sheer will, his persona and memories remain intact. In fact, he also reverse the lesser daemon control upon him.
Realising this, the Zomb MD, quite delightful of this new development instead, promoted Ironside as the Champion of the Zombots. Ironside, now without an ounce of flesh or bones left but only bitter memories about New Andria, undertook this new found role and purpose with exciting glee. Calling himself King Thumb (after winning a thumb wrestling contests among the Zombs), the Zombot champion forged for himself a daemon weapon in the form of a sledgehammer called "The Forgebreaker", which can split apart any physical object at the molecular level. King Thumb then developed his own cyborg martial art which he called, the Machine Klatsch. Through the control of reflective resonance vibratory movement, King Thumb could basically turn both his metal hands into a force weapon and destroy any opponents by tearing them apart like soft butter. King Thumb is also invulnerable to all forms of magic and sorcerous attacks for being a fully developed cyborg. Nevertheless, King Thumb has full knowledge and able to apply all forms of techno arcane dark magic arts. He would often capture humans and forcibly turn them into machines for his army, fusing them with daemonic entities.
He retains his old autorevolver, and in one of the siege of New Andria led by him, King Thumb succeed in obtaining a prized monomolecular edged wakizashi blade as a trophy. King Thumb nominates ten special Zombots to act as his personal retinues and bodyguards. Together this elite, murderous team of robots are collectively called the Nefarious Ten Finger Robot Gang,  raids the abandoned and disused industrial complexes of the Northern Frontier, committing all forms of atrocities upon the refugees there. They announce their onslaught with the roars of their highly modified bikes, attached with spikes, chainsaws and guns. Innocent bystanders and enemies alike would be hacked apart, blown or shot to pieces by their indiscriminate, wanton acts of destruction and murders. Eventually, King Thumb and his gang would splintered away from the primary Zomb Horde of Necropolis, and take up residence at The Fortress of Hate, a flak tower from the times of the Great War located on one of the chain of islands collectively called the Robot Islands. There, he resides, sitting on a brass throne in his throne room. King Thumb adornes the place with human skulls and skins, with torture chambers perpetually echoing with the screams of agony of his victims. He also experiments and eventually mastered the arcane techniques of producing more Zombots, and gain favours from the Dark Gods of Chaos.  The Adventure Kartel collective led by Thomas "Tommy" Mission is currently King Thumb and his gang greatest adversary. Again and again, King Thumb's attempt to destroy New Andria and annihilate its population has been adverted by Tommy and his AK members. But with each defeat, King Thumb learnt from it, and within his own residence, the Zombot champion is scheming for another plan to carry out another fresh assault until personal vengeance is achieved. This would eventually culminate in the so-called Robot Islands War.

What better version of Zombot to own than King Thumb, right? I only need one version of a Zombot and this is it. It is also released as a complete set of eleven figures, the entire gang of the Nefarious Ten Fingers Robot Gang but I thought, apart from the price of the set, I lack interest in Zombots. Just like an ANKOU. Just the SXCLB ANKOU Ex will do. Exception is of course, the TKs and TQs. Just can't get enough of them.

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