Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hot Toys MMS 177 - The Dark Knight Rises : The Batpod.

...and 'ere the Batpod arrives. The TDKR version. Missed out on the TDK one, so this would do, though I would love to have the all black out version. Tried to search for technical specs on this bad boy (although I would admit initially, I dismissed the Batpod as an exercise in wasting moolah as I was more enamoured with "heavier" design like, say, Kaneda's bike). Comes with the standard bells and whistles as its celluloid version such as light up features, EMP rifle clip on 'cept' as far as tangible reproduction in 1/6th scale is possible.  This means the wheels could not roll against their normal axes for added stability and crazy maneuvering, the body would not rotate to keep Bats upright position nor elongates to allow Bats to ride beneath low-hanging obstacles as seen in the breathtaking action sequence in TDK and TDKR. I wanna pose the Bats ridin the bike but afraid I might break somethin. Or maybe Selina Kyle is the one I really wants to pose with this baby. The Batpod kinda completes the armouries of Chris Nolan's version of Bats by Hot Toys. Rumours have it that the Bat, yes the hovering/helicopter/plane hybrid airborne bug-like vehicle seen prominently in TDKR, is on hold or scrapped, but nothing is written in the stone yet...

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