Monday, 26 November 2012

ThreeA ~ WWR : N.O.M. Disciple 27.

A (mis) interpretation :

Name: Unknown.
Designation: Dritte.
Alias: The Third Eye.
Age: Unknown.
Affiliation: The N.O.M. Legion. 
Ranks : 27th Nom di Sciple - Der Alle Sehen Spezialgruppe.
Std. armaments : N.O.M. Totenmaske, N.O.M. Lebensunterstützung Hilfesystem, Ragnarök - .50 auto-revolver x 2; Angantyr - power mace x 1.
Abilities : Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; psionic manipulation; transhuman physiology. 

Dritte or The Third Eye, is the 27th neophyte recruited as a Nom di Sciple by the N.O.M Legion during the Second Founding. Dritte bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Noir de Plume and Barguest de Plume - dark persona, enigmatic and merciless. He is a member of the All Seeing Eyes elite group or Der Alle Sehen Spezialgruppe. This particular elite group is trained to walk the Path of the Seer, which is the longest, most treacherous, most complex and rarest of the Path of Three. Those whom undertook this Path and survive would be the most powerful psykers amongst the N.O.M. faction, their skills and abilities rivalled only by The Unforgiven. A single individual could mind wipe and takes total control over any machines simultaneously including an entire company of warbots and infantries alike. They could also take over the controls of the Melchizedek and its terminals, battle ships and orbital satellites effortlessly. They are known to worked closely with the infiltrated and compromised Terra Coalition Armed Forces' Daywatch and Nightwatch Defence Divisions, of which were later excommunicated.
The Nom di Sciple 27 establishes his reputation amongst the N.O.M. Legion during the event of the Second War of Unbelief launched against the N.O.M. fortress monastery by The Lost and the Damned, comprising excommunicated Fallens warbands. A particularly powerful Fallen de Plume had killed his master, and Dritte, in furious anger, engaged the champion in a personal battle involving hand to hand combat and test of psychic powers against each other in both Realspace and the Immaterium. In the climatic fight, a grievously injured Dritte managed to overwhelm the Fallen de Plume by un-leashing an uncontrollable massive blast of telekinetic detonation. The Fallen de Plume survived and barely escaped but not before Dritte carved his late master's designated name psychically onto the Fallen's heart itself out of anger.
The Supreme Mother has personally noted Dritte potentials and continued to monitor his abilities via The Unforgiven. His skills is considered still but a fraction of its full power. She has also looked into the different destinies or paths awaiting him. Of which to thread, the choice is his but the outcome would be pivotal to the struggle and survival of the N.O.M. Legion.

An updated version of the iconic Nom de Plume figures from 3A. This is supposedly a disciple of NOM faction. Check out those tubes/hoses. It  doesn't gets any weirder. Chloe and Dylan once had a glance at the "elephant man" as they call it - Fantome, NOM Commanders. The best thing 'bout this 3A offering is the now fully laced, no more molded pair of boots. These are man sized boots and its great. Wish Hot Toys would follow 3A's lead...  

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